[dev] [EN][PATCH] XEP-0033, presence, blogs, radiocol...

Adrien souliane at mailoo.org
Lun 9 Déc 17:24:36 CET 2013


here are some patches for sat/libervia and one for sat_pubsub:

* plugin XEP-0033: implementation of the addressing feature:
  - frontends pass the recipients in the extra parameter of sendMessage
  - backend checks if the target server supports the feature (this is 
not done yet by prosody plugin)
  - features and identities are cached pro profile and server
  - messages are duplicated in history for now and echo signals are also 
send many times to the sender (once per recipient): this has to be fixed 

--> IMPORTANT: the following plugin need to be added to your prosody 


1. copy it to the plugins directory
2. add in the section "modules_enabled" of prosody.cfg.lua the following:

* pubsub : I experienced a strange issue with the auto-create feature 
(PostGreSQL 9.1.10), this occurs when a user posts his first blog 
message and I found no other solution then applying this solution:

* you can update/delete your posts in libervia. Update does not make use 
of the rich text dialog for now. Also we need to save in the pubsub 
database not only the raw text and xhtml, but also the user defined 
format and the corresponding text. Behavior is for now a bit disturbing, 
you can actually mix xhtml (which will be cleaned) and the user defined 
format (which will be processed). I think we need to save in the pubsub 
database some extra information like the user defined format at the time 
of the message creation, also the text has it has been entered by the 
user - to keep xhtml only is not funny for the poor guy who will want to 
edit a looong blog post :)

* a small change has been made in xep-0060 regarding the blog post 
deletion, this should be sent the the wokkel project to fix upstream. 
But the event notifications after a node/item deletion (as described in 
the spec) are not OK yet, maybe it's better to fix this before. I have 
to look at it more but for now I didn't manage to make it work.

* frontends (other then libervia): replaced the use of __builtin__ to 
define constants with the use of classes

* completed in libervia/primitivus the UI to set your presence and 
status. This is a first try and we will probably need to change the UI 
integration. For primitivus I added a bar with clickable items on the 
bottom of the contact list, you can also use the following commands:
  - ":presence" to open the presence dialog
  - ":presence ?" where ? is in ('', 'chat', 'away', 'dnd', 'xa') to set 
? as the new presence
  - ":status" to open the status dialog
  - ":status ?" to set ? as the new status
Note that ":presence " and ":status " are not the same as ":presence" 
and ":status", they will reset to default/empty value.

* Radiocol:
  - check for the file size and type before sending
  - handle some error responses
  - GUI changes and more detailed "status message" (let me know how you 
would improve it...)
  - send the queue to new players who just joined (but the music file 
may have been removed from the server already... to be fixed).

* libervia: fixed the waiting problem at account creation... at least it 
looks fixed, this must be tested more

Please have a look and let me know if something need to be changed 
before we release the 0.4. Then I will add some tests for all that 
before I break everything :)

Best regards,
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