[dev] [EN][PATCH] microblog delete/update

Adrien souliane at mailoo.org
Mar 10 Déc 14:18:49 CET 2013

Hi again,

so here are the patches for the microblog feature. It will now call the 
syntaxConvert method live to display the editable text in the user 
selected format. Concerning sat_pubsub, please re-use the one that I 
sent yesterday (file pubsub_autocreate.diff).

I fixed at the same time the display issue with the contact bar (it was 
not resized when in rich text mode). Also both rich text dialog and blog 
update dialog use the full available space.


On 12/09/2013 08:45 PM, Adrien wrote:
> Hi,
> I answer to myself :)
> In my previous message, forget the microblogging part for now! I didn't
> use the good words and explained both what I changed and what I think we
> should do next. So we discussed about it with Goffi and there's a better
> solution then saving extra data to the pubsub database (this is what I
> wanted to do): we can convert the xhtml to the currently selected
> format, that's more flexible.
> I send you back the diff without the microblogging changes and divided
> in pieces to ease the review/integration. Files which start with the
> same prefix should be pushed together, one for sat and one for libervia,
> that's it.
> Cheers,
> Adrien
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