[dev] [EN][PATCH] file upload, presence, blogs

Adrien souliane at mailoo.org
Jeu 19 Déc 14:28:58 CET 2013


here are some new patches, nothing really new but small improvements. 
The main topics are file uploads, presence update and blogs.

File upload: radiocolSongAdded is now asynchronous and bridge methods 
that are called after a file upload return a Failure when necessary. In 
libervia.tac, UploadManager instanciate a JSONRPCMethodManager to call 
the asynchronous method, returns server.NOT_DONE_YET and finish the 
request later when the answer arrives from the backend. This is 
basically what is done already during account registration.

Presence and status were shared between all resources of the same user, 
this has been fixed.

Rich text is also displayed in the external blogs accessible from 
<libervia_server>/blog/<user> + CSS modification to display the sections 
and lists properly (tags h1, h2... ul ol li) within the MicroblogPanel. 
Note that the tags/style filtering is unchanged: ChatPanel still doesn't 
display everything as "expected", because XHTML-IM is not supposed to be 
used for writing an article.

MicroblogEntry is now based on FlexTable instead of FlowPanel/HTMLPanel, 
so we can have a better control of the different element positioning, 
and we can force large images to fit the available space.

Finally the blog items are now making the difference between "published" 
and "updated". They are ordered according to the date of publication.

Best regards,
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