[dev] [en] ideas for the rich text editor?

Adrien souliane at mailoo.org
Mar 1 Oct 21:12:12 CEST 2013


so I have it now like in the screenshots. The popup panel to select from 
listboxes to To/Cc/Bcc has been replaced by a contextual menu to add the 
hidden recipients type (Cc or Bcc).

We still have autocomplete textboxes, now always editable (they were 
before set inactive and just the last one was active). Text boxes 
lengthes are set according to the text size. Removal icon is displayed 
when the mouse is over a recipient and will stay 1.5 seconds when you 
leave the area, that's enough time to click.

You can drag and drop from the contacts list to the recipients panels, 
and also from one recipient panel to another.

I could not really keep that icon to switch back to unibox, it is 
confusing as we have a real toolbar displayed here, also it will be 
somewhere up or left to the contacts...

Is it ok like that?

Concerning the rich text itself, as agreed I left the conversion stuff 
for Goffi, I added for now a couple of markers for bbcode, mardown, 
dokuwiki and html. The format is displayed on the right of the 
toolbar... not sure if it should be displayed or not. The format to use 
will be retrieved later from a parameter (to be created) and should be 
associated to the message for further editing.

If that sounds OK I will commit these changes after your "go".

Best regards,

On 09/29/2013 07:16 PM, Goffi wrote:
> An other option would be to move the contacts panel on the left to the
> rich text dialog when we are in rich editing mode. It's quite easy to
> do, and would not break the current disposition which I kind of like.
> On 29/09/2013 18:54, Goffi wrote:
>> On 29/09/2013 16:53, Adrien wrote:
>>> In that case shouldn't we reorganize the components?
>>> ___menubar_____________________________
>>> Contacts|_________unibox_______________
>>>          |_________status_______________
>>>          |
>>>          |
>>>          |
>>>          |         dialogs
>>>          |
>> Hum you're right about the hidden contacts, but I'm not sure how nice it
>> would be with the contact on all the left side like this. I'm affraid
>> that the result would not be that nice, maybe we should give it a try to
>> be sure.
>> An other option is, as you suggested, to put the rich text dialog in the
>> dialogs part, but once again, I'm not sure of the result.
>> An other suggestion, anyone ?
>>> Sure! I didn't search for these libraries :p But if it doesn't exist I
>>> need to do it at least for DokuWiki in order to import my current blog
>>> to SàT :)
>> No worries, we can do import tools easily :)
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