[dev] [en] ideas for the rich text editor?

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Mer 2 Oct 12:55:13 CEST 2013


great job, I really like it !
For me it look terrific, what do others think about it ?


On 01/10/2013 21:12, Adrien wrote:
> Hi,
> so I have it now like in the screenshots. The popup panel to select from
> listboxes to To/Cc/Bcc has been replaced by a contextual menu to add the
> hidden recipients type (Cc or Bcc).
> We still have autocomplete textboxes, now always editable (they were
> before set inactive and just the last one was active). Text boxes
> lengthes are set according to the text size. Removal icon is displayed
> when the mouse is over a recipient and will stay 1.5 seconds when you
> leave the area, that's enough time to click.
> You can drag and drop from the contacts list to the recipients panels,
> and also from one recipient panel to another.
> I could not really keep that icon to switch back to unibox, it is
> confusing as we have a real toolbar displayed here, also it will be
> somewhere up or left to the contacts...
> Is it ok like that?
> Concerning the rich text itself, as agreed I left the conversion stuff
> for Goffi, I added for now a couple of markers for bbcode, mardown,
> dokuwiki and html. The format is displayed on the right of the
> toolbar... not sure if it should be displayed or not. The format to use
> will be retrieved later from a parameter (to be created) and should be
> associated to the message for further editing.
> If that sounds OK I will commit these changes after your "go".
> Best regards,
> Adrien
> On 09/29/2013 07:16 PM, Goffi wrote:
>> An other option would be to move the contacts panel on the left to the
>> rich text dialog when we are in rich editing mode. It's quite easy to
>> do, and would not break the current disposition which I kind of like.
>> On 29/09/2013 18:54, Goffi wrote:
>>> On 29/09/2013 16:53, Adrien wrote:
>>>> In that case shouldn't we reorganize the components?
>>>> ___menubar_____________________________
>>>> Contacts|_________unibox_______________
>>>>          |_________status_______________
>>>>          |
>>>>          |
>>>>          |
>>>>          |         dialogs
>>>>          |
>>> Hum you're right about the hidden contacts, but I'm not sure how nice it
>>> would be with the contact on all the left side like this. I'm affraid
>>> that the result would not be that nice, maybe we should give it a try to
>>> be sure.
>>> An other option is, as you suggested, to put the rich text dialog in the
>>> dialogs part, but once again, I'm not sure of the result.
>>> An other suggestion, anyone ?
>>>> Sure! I didn't search for these libraries :p But if it doesn't exist I
>>>> need to do it at least for DokuWiki in order to import my current blog
>>>> to SŕT :)
>>> No worries, we can do import tools easily :)
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