[dev] [en] some patches

Adrien souliane at mailoo.org
Mer 2 Oct 21:00:50 CEST 2013


here are some patches with the first version of the UIs for rich text 
and multi-user addressing + some various modifications.

For libervia:

browser_side: dialogs take **kwargs arguments + unibox helper method
- add the **kwargs arguments to the dialog classes, especially to pass 
the Width='xxx' setting
- add a method getTargetAndData to UniBox, for external use and to get 
the message recipient and body without dealing with the target hooks, 
selected panels...
server_side: put the entry content in its own span + CSS customization
browser_side: added UIs for rich text editor and addressing to multiple 
bridge, browser_sider: added support for asyncGetParamA; set the rich 
text format according to a user parameter

for now the parameter has not been created so you will get a warning on 
the backend and no toolbar will be displayed. For testing purpose you 
can set _debug to True in RichTextEditor: that will display one toolbar 
per format.

For sat:

tools and primitivus: better support for parameter of type list
bridge, memory: added the parameter security_limit to asyncGetParamA so 
it can be used from libervia. refactorization in memory.py are related 
to that.

Best regards,
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