[dev] [en] Bug fix for wix and couple of improvements

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Ven 4 Oct 17:40:09 CEST 2013


sorry for the delay, I wanted to finish the buildbot setup before 
pushing anything new to the server.

I have commited everything except the last patch, I have sent you an 
email to discuss about the blocking points.

Thanks for your work :)


P.-S.: nothing wrong with the PEP 8 compliance, actually the closer we 
are to PEP 8 compliance, the better.

On 26/09/2013 15:26, Adrien wrote:
> Hi to you!
> Here a few patches for sat and libervia again.
> Goffi> could you please check them in - after checking :-)
> There are some modifications for PEP8 compliances which make it
> difficult to read... I hope it's still OK... let me know if something is
> wrong with that.
> Below a copy of the commit messages for sat:
> plugin XEP-0085: improvement for sendind "composing" state
> **************
> wix, plugin XEP-0085: bug fix at startup when the method
> chatStateReceived doesn't exist
> TODO: implementation for displaying the states on the chat window and
> sending "composing" states
> **************
> For libervia:
> browser_side: check for duplicate name before adding a new contact group
> **************
> browser_side: set the focus to the first field when a tab is selected
> from the register panel
> **************
> browser_side, plugin XEP-0085: limit the number of bridge methods calls
> for "chatStateComposing".
> **************
> browser_side: center the buttons of GenericConfirmDialog
> **************
> browser_side: display widget title in the debug info (LiberviaWidget
> method "getDebugName")
> - better PEP8 compliance
> **************
> browser_side, misc: better PEP8 compliance
> **************
> browser_side: added the flag REUSE_EXISTING_LIBERVIA_WIDGETS
> - do not create a new chat panel for contacts/groups if a similar one is
> found
> - this goes with a modification of the class methods to create new
> panels (for genericity)
> - improvement of the accepted groups list for MicroblogPanel (remove
> duplicates and keep sorted)
> Details for the new flag:
> # Set to true to not create a new LiberviaWidget when a similar one
> # already exist (i.e. a chat panel with the same target). Instead
> # the existing widget will be eventually removed from its parent
> # and added to new WidgetsPanel, or replaced to the expected
> # position if the previous and the new parent are the same.
> I will hopfully finish this week a prototype for a rich text editor. Not
> wysiwyg but for with some buttons to help the users decorating is text
> with some tags, also something to send messages to several
> contacts/groups (sending them in a batch first, then we will need to
> implement XEP-0033[1]).
> [1] http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0033.html
> Best regards,
> Adrien
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