[dev] [PATCH] Add profile managment features in jp

kedals0 at gmail.com kedals0 at gmail.com
Dim 6 Oct 02:21:00 CEST 2013


This patch provides some profile managment options in jp:
     --create-profile profile_name jid password
     --get-profile profile_name
     --rm-profile profile_name

For SàT testing, it should be useful to be able to create a profile from
cli. Moreover, it permits to write quik start guides by providing a list
of shell command to discover SàT.

Finally, have you planed to enhance command line interface?
Maybe be it would be necessary to propose sub commands such as:
      $ jp message --send --receive ...
      $ jp files --send --receive ...
      $ jp profile --list --add --rm --show
      $ jp contact --list --add --rm --show


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