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Adrien souliane at mailoo.org
Lun 21 Oct 18:59:38 CEST 2013


I do have here Mate 1.4.0 (fork of Gnome 2) and there's a setting for 
the size of the bar. Icons that comes with Mate are also resized when I 
change this setting, but some other icons (like Jitsi or Skype) keep 
their size of 24px. Wix also keeps it's size of 128.

This may not be a Wix issue but maybe one from WxWidgets? Resizing the 
icons to 24 may be too much, but 32 at least should be big enough for 
everybody... ?? Even if it's a bit tiled on some systems, it will look 
much better then if it's 128.


On 10/21/2013 06:15 PM, Goffi wrote:
> Look like something is wrong with your taskbar, are your sure it's not a
> widget size or something similar ?
> On my Kde 4.10.x, the icon is sized as expected, and it was the case as
> far as I remember (but I don't use wix actually).
> I don't think the issue is coming from wix, but maybe I'm wrong...
> On 21/10/2013 17:49, Adrien wrote:
>> Hi,
>> a question regarding wix tray icon : it is not displayed right on my
>> system: see screenshot 1.png.
>> If I add the following on line 87 in
>> sat/frontends/src/wix/main_window.py:
>>          ticon.SetWidth(32)
>> I get as result screenshot 2.png.
>> What's the better way to make the screenshot fit the tray bar? I see no
>> other solution then resizing the file itself, but in that case which
>> size should be used? Is there a way to retrieve the size of the other
>> icons?!
>> On my machine the tray icons width is 24, what about you?! As a
>> temporary solution, even if 24 doesn't fit everybody, it's better then
>> 128 :)
>> PS : I would create new directories for sat_media/icons/crystal: 128,
>> 16, 24, 32...
>> Regards,
>> Adrien
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