[dev] [EN] script distribute_setup.py outdated

Thomas Preud'homme robotux at debian.org
Mer 12 Fév 16:02:33 CET 2014

Hi everybody,

we, the SŕT maintainers [0] recently run into a problem in Debian due to the 
combination of an old distribute_setup.py script with a recent setuptools. 
setuptools has changed and so the old distribute_setup.py found in SŕT and 
urwid_satext doesn't detect that setuptools is already installed. An updated 
distribute_setup.py script can be found at [1]. It should be a drop in 
replacement of the actual one. Not much seems to have changed except that it 
checks the version of setuptools and acts accordingly.

[0] Matteo (in CC) and I in this case
[1] http://python-distribute.org/distribute_setup.py

We solved this in Debian by doing a backup of the old file and then copying the 
new one before doing anything. When the action being done is over, we copy 
back the old file in place so that none of the tool we use complain about the 
upstream code having changed. We would be very happy without this extra logic. 

Best regards,


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