[ST dev][en] ST and Libervia installable via Docker

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Mer 22 Oct 14:08:24 CEST 2014

I just realised what the issue is: images on Docker Hub don't work on 32 bits 
architectures (only 64 bits GNU/Linux), so you have 3 options:

	- install a 64 bit virtual machine

	- update to a 64 bit distribution

	- rebuild the images yourself, you need a 32 bits images of debian:jessie 
(I don't know if it's available somewhere, maybe you need to do it yourself), 
then you can do:
$ hg clone http://repos.goffi.org/sat_docs
$ cd docker
$ ./do_all.sh build

The most simple option is probably the virtual machine. I have tried a 64 bits 
Ubuntu 14.04 (Ubuntu server), and it works as expected there.

Laura: are you on a 32 bits architecture too ?


Le mardi 21 octobre 2014, 10:02:40 MonsieurPaulLeBoulanger a crit :
> same thing just after the update :
> Launching prosody... OK
> (eeb74ce27875ab9a9032916fe44f29530a3e956b6dd7cc23ca3e20aec8b8300b)
> Launching sat_pubsub... OK
> (306ff1bfa78eb078d84a1d999c0c6295e5356b4d0b8146c7602b1849b548ca82)
> Launching salut... Error, please check container or ask help on XMPP MUC
> sat at chat.jabberfr.org error message:
> 1469dc07f98b281074224469158bd713d4b6b59e39dbf251beabf7d1cd56c066 2014/10/21
> 12:01:51 Error response from daemon: Cannot start container
> 1469dc07f98b281074224469158bd713d4b6b59e39dbf251beabf7d1cd56c066: Cannot
> link to a non running container: /prosody AS /salut/prosody Abandon

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