[SàT dev] [en] one step beyond

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Dim 16 Aou 12:29:45 CEST 2015


I have pushed yesterday a blogging refactorisation, which involves SàT 
PubSub, SàT Backend, QuickFrontend and Libervia. It is a major 
improvment as know we use XEP-0355 and XEP-0356 to use SàT PubSub as 
server's PEP (we have written mod_privilege and mod_delegation for 
Prosody as a first implementation), in other words we are using PEP 
again, and we are fully compatible with XEP-0277 and other projets using it.

It's not finished (notably group blog is not working yet, and presence 
is not managed for PEP), but the basis is here.

That also means that we can manage the whole pubsub chain, and we are 
not blocked anymore by the servers implementations. As a result we have, 
to my knowledge, the first PEP/PubSub implementation with RSM/MAM 
support (thanks to souliane).

This is really exciting, blogging is the basis of many features (think 
about events, file commenting, gateways, etc).

It's the result of a long work started more than one year ago. There is 
still work, but the harder part is done. The next SàT release should be 
interesting :)

very excited !


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